Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ON-LINE VERSION of SalesTraqTM?
It is the same data found on the DVD-ROM VERSION: prices, bedrooms, baths, etc. along with floor plans and photographs of new subdivision homes. To access the data from the internet, just go to and log in as a member with your password.

Why would I want the ON-LINE VERSION instead of the DVD-ROM VERSION?
1. You can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can be out of the state and away from your own computer, but still access SalesTraq from the internet.
2. It is easier to email new home information, including floor plans and photos from the ON-LINE VERSION. Emailing information from the ON-LINE VERSION is a "piece of cake".

OK, so tell me some DISADVANTAGES of the ON-LINE VERSION:
1. You have to have an internet connection in order to use the ON-LINE VERSION.
2. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, searches may be slower that using a DVD-ROM.

How much does the ON-LINE VERSION cost?
Just $25 per month (individual rate) plus tax.

How do I sign up?

YES! I want to subscribe to the Standard ON-LINE version of SalesTraqTM which allows me password protected access to SalesTraqTM on the Internet for just $25 per month plus tax (billed monthly).

*Rates quoted above are INDIVIDUAL single user rates CORPORATE multiple user rates are as follows:

ON LINE STANDARD VERSION: Please contact our office about multi-user rates.

Salestraq features SSL encryption to keep your private information private.

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