The New Home Link is a revolutionary tool for realtors to assist their clients, providing the most up-to-date new home search on the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NEW HOME LINK?
The NEW HOME LINK is a hyperlink from your web page to SalesTraq on the internet. It allows your web site visitors to click on the SalesTraq icon on your web page and search for new homes. To your visitors, it looks like they have never left your site. Don't have a web site? No problem! If you have an email address, you can simply insert your SalesTraq New Home Link into your email and the recipient will also be able to search for new homes on the internet.

Demo the New Home Link: Search for New Homes
demo the new home link  Demo the New Home Link: Search for New Homes

Why would I want MY visitors to search for new homes on the internet?

With any other hyperlink, YOU WOULDN'T! But the SalesTraq NEW HOME LINK is unique. When your visitors use SalesTraq on the internet, they find the new homes that match their search criteria and see beautiful color photos of those homes, but here's what they DON'T SEE: They don't see the name of the subdivision, or the name of the builder, or the phone number, or the directions. Instead, they simply check a box next to the photo of the home if they want "more information". When they click on "Submit", a screen prompts them for their name, phone number, and e-mail address. This information, along with the name of the builder, subdivision & model of the home they selected is immediately e-mailed directly to YOU. Now, you have a live prospect and it's up to you what you do with that prospect.

How much does the NEW HOME LINK cost?
Just $25 per month (individual rate) plus tax, or $75 per month per company (corporate rate) plus tax.

How do I sign up?

YES! I want to subscribe to the SalesTraq NEW HOME LINK, which is a hyperlink I can use on my web site or in my email which allows my customers to conduct their own new home search on the internet, and yet does not show them the name of the builder, subdivision, phone number or directions to the home - - - they must still contact me in order to get further information. The cost is $25 per month plus tax (billed monthly).

*Rates quoted above are INDIVIDUAL single user rates CORPORATE multiple user rates are as follows:

NEW HOME LINK: $75 per month per company (plus tax).

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